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Hexlock: A free All-in-One App locker for Android by liquidum

Hexlock is a 100% free app locker that secures app with a password to prevent unauthorised access.

RocketVPN: A free Android & iOS exclusive VPN app by liquidum

Rocket VPN is a free app for Android that encrypts your data, unblocks geographically restricted content and keeps you anonymous for a safer, better browsing experience.

Here starts our journey together to the wider plains of life. I hope that it will show you how you are not here on earth just to live our lives, but to fulfill a purpose. This enriches the value...


Honor PowerBank (AP007) 13000 mAh is a bang for your buck...

Are you looking for PowerBank to feed your power hungry smartphone to help make it to the end of the day? Honor PowerBank might just be the one that gives you freedom to do almost anything with your phone (yeah, almost!).