Top 5 funky digital Accessories you can buy with your extra money you saved this weekend

han solo frozen case

If you have some extra money to spare this weekend, you’ll sure like some of these supercool accesssories to choose from. In no way I am telling you that you should go out and spend all your money on these stuffs, make sure first that you have paid your bills and you got your savings with you, because these might be irresistable.

Lets have a look at some cool stuffs I stumbled upon this weekend


1. Han Solo Frozen iPhone Case

han solo frozen caseNow you can pay homage to the best non-force wielding Star Wars character as well as add to your growing collection of Stars Wars memorabilia with the Han Solo frozen iPhone case. This fun themed case shows the great captain Solo when he’s trapped in carbonite. The case is specifically designed for the iPhone 4 and composed of rubber silicone for added protection and has a nice gloss finish that would satisfy any Star Wars fan whether their loyalties lie on the dark or light side of the force.


[ It is available on Amazon and This is why I’m Broke website for $15.99. ]


2. USB wall outlet

usb wall outletDo you own an iPhone and tired or connecting it through your laptop or charger? Well, there is an specially designed wall outlet which might come handy.

I see this, and I feel like I should immediately replace all of the outlets in my house. Homes should be build with this from now on. It’s so genius; I wish I thought of it.


[ The wall outlet is available on Think Geek or This is why I’m broke for $27.95. ]


3. Duracell PowerMat

duracell powermatDuracell tries wireless charging again with its PowerMat, and this time it’s a hit. Extensively updated from three years ago, this wireless charging system is stylish and easy to use. Here’s how it works: Put a shiny sleeve on your iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPod, and then you can place your device on a matching mat that wirelessly charges it up like magic.


[ Duracell Official website ]


4. Western Digital My Net N900

My NetWell, If you still have those old buggy router, it is the time to replace it. Western Digital ventures out of the hard drive space and into wireless routers, and we tried out its new $180 My Net N900 router here at our Midwest Test Facility.
A router? Why should you care? Sure, routers are geeky as they can be, but if your router flakes out on you, it’s enough to ruin your day, or maybe even your week.


[ Western Digital Official Website ]


5. Mini Ballista Launcher

mini ballista laucherYes. Yes. Yes. Wage war on the other people in your office with this little desk ballista. Comes with mini wood ammo that shoots up to 30 feet. Who will challenge your office might when you’re armed with this? Sure, it might get you fired, or even sued if you shoot someone’s eye out. But Rome wasn’t build in a day, you can’t handle the truth, and there is no ‘i’ in ‘t-e-a-m.’ And your coworkers might not have an eye if you have a good aim.


[ The Mini Ballista launcher is available on This is why I’m broke or Think Geek at $24.95 ]


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