5 Digital Clothing concept that can change your life

sound charge

You probably didn’t think about recharging your phone while you are a walk in the public park near you. So when your cell phone dies you’ll have to run for a power plug. It is real hassle sometimes and bit irritating.

But, you can now utilize that energy required to reach your home from the park you were in. Designers and technology experts are now working on the concept clothing which can fulfill all our energy requirement for portable electric devices.

Here are the top 5 Clothing concepts that can charge your gadgets and eventually your life:


1. Sound charge:

sound chargeThe Sound Charge t-shirt, another Glastonbury Festival prototype from Orange, powers mobile phones while attendees watch bands in action.

Users just plug their phone in to the t-shirt, which uses noise-responsive technology for a quick top-off charge.


2. Power felt

power felt

A team of researchers at the Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials at Wake Forest University are working on Power Felt, a thermoelectric device that could convert body heat into electrical current.


3. Shoes that can charge your phone

power shoes

An entrepreneur in Kenya is being funded by the National Council of Science and Technology to create shoes that generate energy from pressure.

An ulta-thin chip of crystals would be inserted within the soles of your shoes to create electricity.


4. Chargable Bra

Chargable BraThese are My Favorite! In 2008, a solar-powered bra received a lot of attention for being able to generate enough electric energy to charge a mobile phone.

Though it’s yet to take off, the lingerie company Triumph has made a whole series of odd bras.


5. Orange Power Wellies

Orange Power WelliesBritish mobile carrier Orange partnered with GotWind in 2010 to develop rain boots that charge your phone.

Though it was just a concept for the Glastonbury Music Festival, the prototype flaunts the potential of mobile charging solutions.


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