It is sure a very helpful software and makes our work easier and comfortably simple. Sometimes you might have been wondering, where IDM is keeping your files before producing the final output you get after the finished download. Well, it is simple – Your files are unfinished and it should be in the temporary folder. Once you Know where to look, You are almost there.

IDM saves your files at this location:


Replace digitfreak with your computer username.

You will find folders which are indexed by the names of your current unfinished downloads. This is what we were looking for. One thing that we notice is that these files have no extension.

If you are downloading multiple files at once, like a music album, you’ll find that there are exactly the same number of files without extensions. To get the preview of the files, you can copy one of them to other location and add an extension at the end.

Play or open the file with the software which can run it.


*Never rename the folder or file you are download in the temp folder of IDM or you might end up with the un-resumable download.


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