10 Nerdy Home decoration items to showcase the geeky self

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Home is where your heart stays, and it sure reflects the real you. If you are real geek, you won’t hesitate to show the world that you hold something precious in you. You can sure start with putting hundreds of books on your shelf and making your reading room a showpiece, but getting into the theme will be more effective if every room in your house is geeky.

From Star Wars bookends to floppy disk planters, these handmade home goods on Etsy will leave your a right place to showcase the inner you. Let’s have a look at few of them:


1. Star Wars Book Endsz 00044

Image: GentleGiantLTD


2. Computer Chip Clockz 00045Image: Hardresols


3. Floppy Disk Coffee Tablez 00046

Image: FloppyTable


4. Super Mario Potted Plantz 00047Image: Burritoprincess


5. Keyboard DoorMatz 00048

Image: Thisiswhyimbroke


6. IP Floormat

z 00049Image: ThinkGeek


7. Mario Lampz 00050Image: Thebackpackshoppe


8. Beaker Planterz 00051Image: Hensandchicksplants


9. Nerdy Element Prints

z 00053

Image: ETSY


10. Periodic Table Shower Curtainz 00054

Image: ThinkGeek


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