You may use Google Glass with prescription lenses


Google introduces Glass for prescription lenses and hopes that it will be a way for increasing the reach of their product and Glass maybe will be considered by the non-Glass users.

According to the reports, four prescription frames will be released for Google Glass. “Titanium Collection” is what Google call these frames because of the metal they are produced from. Google preferred themselves over any other traditional glass designers for designing these frames which have the necessary shape.


Definitely, you want to know the cost of these frames. Don’t you? Well, according to the reports the frame might be on sale today and it will cost you $225 and Google will charge you additional $1,499 for Glass which means that the whole set, frame and Glass, will cost you $1,724. Still, something is missing. Isn’t it? That’s your prescription lens. Google will not help you with that. For that, you have to stop by an eyeglass shop and get the lens cut in the shape that fits in your prescription frame that you bought for your Glass.

Glass comes already mounted on a frame and till now, for the ones using prescription lenses it was like wearing two glasses. With the introduction of these new prescription frames for Glass, Google is hoping to reach a wide range of people and invite them to purchase Glass.

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