Why do I love my Kindle Paperwhite?


Being an avid book reader, books have been my love since childhood. Trust me, I can’t go to sleep without reading. However, this love for books suffered whenever I travelled. Thanks to space constraints, I had to be satisfied with only a few books to carry. So, when I heard about EBook readers, my joy knew no bounds. I immediately decided to buy one and then ended up with my partner in crime, Kindle Paperwhite. In this article, I am going to tell you why I love my Kindle and don’t prefer to part ways with it.


The first thing that comes to my mind is convenience while holding thousands of books in such a lightweight and tiny device. It hardly weighs around 200 grams (depending on different models) and can store over 1000 books at one time. The thinner-than-pencil device can be easily held using one hand. Did you know that the feather light Kindle is almost 30% lighter than iPad mini?

Your bedtime partner:

What happens when one family member wants to read till late at night and others want to sleep? They won’t even allow a tiny flicker of light in the room. That’s when the Kindle Paper white comes handy. With its built-in front light, which you can control and adjust as per the darkness, it is a boon for nocturnal readers who can now read without disturbing anybody. The latest system doesn’t strain your eyes and they won’t tire even while reading in the dark.

Charging power:

Kindle definitely wins my love and trust when it comes to charging. Being a gadget freak, at times, I do get fed up with carrying different chargers wherever I go. The site of hanging chargers everywhere at my home makes me cringe. So I absolutely love the charging capacity of Kindle that can hold a single charge till 8 weeks, depending on how much you read each day and on which light setting. It absolutely doesn’t need to be charged daily. So you can just charge it once and then forget about the charging for days at a stretch.

No disturbance:

If you’re thinking of buying one for your kids but scared that they might start to surf the net or play games, worry no more! Kindle Paperwhite is specially designed for book lovers like you and me who doesn’t like any other distractions while reading. It doesn’t have facilities like exploring the internet or checking emails. Hence it is a dedicated e-reader who supports your love for reading.

Build your word power:

This feature can come handy for the kids who are trying out new words. Now they don’t have to check their dictionaries anymore. Kindle Paperwhite comes with a built-in dictionary that lets you check the meaning of any new word immediately and make notes.

So now never be without books wherever you go. With Amazon’s amazing book collection, you can download your favorite titles within seconds and start reading, anywhere, any time!

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