Beats is selling cheap $17 plastic headphones at $200


Beats, which is often recognized by its brand symbol ‘b,’ is nearly impossible to be spotted near you, when you are on a train, flying on a plane or walking down the street. The brand got wider exposure when it fell under the Apple brand name.

So what it really is, that they are selling at steep price of $199? Is it only the name and how it is presented to us, or there really are some premium materials inside which is worth the price? After reading the analysis, you would probably conclude that – beats by Dre headphones are simply garbage.

According to some new in-depth analysis published over on medium by PopMech — The headphones are incredibly cheaply made. The compnay cuts corner everywhere it can; gluing pieces together instead of using screws, and reducing the amount of tooling wherever possible. 

After a precise teardown of a $199 beats headphone, Avery Louie figured out that they use metals to increase the weight of the earphone, 1/3 of the entire weight of the headphones comes from metal weight. This is somewhat common trick to make products feel more substantive.


Louie figures that a pair of Beats headphone, which claims about precision sound design, the headphones use freaking off-the-shelf drivers! What is most shocking of them all is, the entire cost to produce a pair of headphone is only $17 — with most expensive of everything that they offer, being the outer package, manual, soft case, box and sleeve run that costs $7.

So why they are selling this cheap product at a insane price of $199? Mostly, they spend most of the extra $$ on agressive marketing and making consumers think that they are opting for a premium product, which is totally worth every buck.

At the end, they are saving a hefty amount of money that shows directly into their Quarterly profit charts. 

Dr Dre once mused, “if you aint in it for the money then get out the game.” So, this is what he meant.


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