Gift your loves ones a Google Play Store gift voucher.


Buy this card for your loved ones or redeem the one sent to you for your own shopping. This card can be directly redeemed on the Internet or on your Google Play Store on your Android devices. Please remember that credit card is not required.

These cards are for Indian residents who are 18 or above. For the youngsters between ages thirteen to seventeen, who wish to do the same have to get consent from their parents/Guardians. Note that these cards don’t have any additional fees or expiry dates. However, they are a single-use gift. You can buy your favorite books, movies and games through this card. Not only this, but these cards can also be used to buy your choice applications and other content.

Entertainment got easier now. Once you buy the card, you can select from the collection of digital entertainment like songs, cinema, application and more from the Google Play store. From the comfort of your own home, now you can simply reach to your favorite without much hassle.

The company has announced that these prepaid vouchers will be present in denominations of Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000, and Rs. 1,500. Within next few days, these prepaid cards will be available at few selected stores of Vijay Sales and Hotspot stores. The company is planning to launch them to Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Jaipur and Pune.

According to a post from Google India blog, you can inquire the cashier sitting at the register for these vouchers. For more information and to redeem the gift card, please click here.


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