Top 5 Ubuntu app of 2012 [Popular List]

digitfreak 00038 steam for linux

2012 has been an very interesting year for conical, which delivered fast and reliable features for the Ubuntu fans. The OS saw numerous bumps and take offs that and learned from its mistakes. Finally it came into a remolded shape which astonished everyone.

Hundreds of useful and interesting applications were released – making the Linux even more powerful and user-friendly. The last 12 months have been some of the most tremendous moment that Ubuntu has ever seen.

Here are some best-handpicked applications of 2012.


1. Steam for Linux [Download]

(First Release: November 2012)

digitfreak 00038 steam for linuxSteam for Linux changes the way world used to see the Canonical platform. The existense of the App shows that Linux desktop has its own potentials and it can be commercially viable and should be taken seriously.


2. Lightread [Download]

(First Release: July 2012)

digitfreak 00039 lightread ubuntuBefore this Ubuntu App, users were stuck with the In-web Google Reader or Unstable apps which offered bloated experience for the RSS subscriptions follow up — Realizing that something needed to be done Lightread was born.


3. Unity News Lens [How to Install – OMG Ubuntu]

(First Release: May 2012)

digitfreak 00040 unity news lens2012 may not have been doomed by the Mayan prediction of end of the world, but it did see one amazing invention in canonical platform — creation of Unity Lens.

Among dozens of Lens developed by David Callé the Unity News Lens is one of the best. I am news junkie, so this is bound to be my favorite.

You might prefer some other best shot of his marvelous creations but news is all what keeps me updated. News lens is the handy tool which narrows down my search results. It is a handy tool.


4. CuttleFish [Download]

(First Release: August 2012)

digitfreak 00041 cuttlefishCuttleFish is the app which makes your Ubuntu adapt its appearance and settings according to the environment. Cuttlefish allows you to create events that only happen under certain circumstances.


5. Insync [Download 64bit | 32bit]

(First Release: Still in Beta)

digitfreak 00042 insyncGoogle Launched their Free cloud storage service last year and it was flourished by millions of people just after it was released. But, sadly Google failed to release the desktop client for Ubuntu.

This is where Insync plays its role. The app lets user manage their Google Drive files with ease. The only bad news is that it is only free during its beta period and subscription based model will be introduced soon. However, Google is working on their native app for Ubuntu which is expected to be released in the first quarter of 2013


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