MEGA is stacking direct competition to major cloud hosting service providers


Kim Dotcom’s new online cloud storage serive “MEGA” is putting the direct competition to the major  companies, Including Google (Drive), Microsoft (SkyDrive), DropBox, FileSonic, Box etc. Just after the launch last day, MEGA is getting a great bunch of followers. 

Website faced serious downtime and servers couldn’t keep up with the demands and traffic consumptions. Webiste was revealed at an insane press release, and it is now open for public.

When the major online cloud storage service providers charge a decent amount of money, Mega fits into the regular budget of average users.

Those looking for more than 50GB of free storage will be able to select from three paid tiers — €9.99 ($13.29), €19.99 ($26.59), and €29.99 ($39.90) per month for the respective 500GB storage/1 terabyte bandwidth, 2TB/4TB, and 4TB/8TB.

On the other hand, 50GB is not too bad a deal, considering players like Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive do not offer anything more than 5GB for storage. The only other competing service will be MediaFire, which offers the same 50GB limit upload space for free.

We won’t go into too much detail about this, but Mega’s prices destroy the competition. Google Drive’s 2 TB plan goes for $99.99, 5 times the price Dotcom is offering. In comparison, Dropbox’ price for the 500 GB plan costs $49.99 a month. Again, 5 times more expensive than Mega. And by the way, there are no file size limitations.

MediaFire is available for desktop, iOS and has recently launched an Android version of the app. As is the norm with most cloud storage apps available in the market, MediaFire for Android will give users a built-in file browser and the facility to view images and videos in the gallery mode. The app will also allow online collaboration with other users to edit and share documents, presentations and spreadsheets. Sharing files over Facebook, Twitter and email is also an important function MediaFire can offer.


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