Mega launched the Firefox extension for easier cloud file management

digitfreak 00071 mega homepage

Mega launched a new Firefox extension for the better experience with their online file storage service. The browser extension, which has been ‘preliminary reviewed’ by Firefox maker Mozilla, is billed as ‘secure and invisible’.

digitfreak 00071 mega homepageOn your next visit you will notice that Mega has changes the notification window for the browser suggesting you to install Firefox extension (if you are using mega on Firefox), rather than prompting you to install Google Chrome to enjoy the service at its best.

The browser extension, the dialog box promises, brings “vastly improved download performance” and will allow users to “batch-download an unlimited number of files without any size restrictions”.

digitfreak 00069 firefox addonMEGA just got a new CEO, open Internet advocate and entrepreneur Vikram Kumar, after a successful launch that saw over 1 million users upload approximately 50 million files so far.

[Download Mozilla Firefox Addon]


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