Mediafire released android app with 50GB free online cloud storage


Mediafire is staggering forward to capture the online cloud storage market with their revolutionary offer and yet another platform (Android devices) expansion. The company recently released their Android app which is available at Google Play store for free.

The new user registration is offered a free online cloud storage of 50GB, which will be available for the user for the lifetime. While other competiting cloud storage providers, like – Box, DropBox, SkyDrive, Google Drive, FileSonic etc. are already offering the similar facilities with android application – they are limited at the storage section.

The bigger free online storage lets users keep all their content in one place without the worry of running out of space.

The free account has limited functionality – The maximum file size a user can upload or download on their free account is 200MB with 50GB online storage and ad supported downloads. For more details visit MediaFire Website.

Free accounts may be discontinued for the inactivity without any notice – leading to the loss of all your important documents and media files. So you might wanna consider the upgradation.

Mediafire was already available for the iOS devices, android app joining the camp – making it even easier to access content across devices and ready for users to view and share anytime.

The android app allows users to keep all the important files, documents, scpreadsheets, presentations, video, music at their online cloud storage space. Users can take a snap and upload pictures directly in MediaFire app or even upload the entire Gallary images at once.

The powerful search feature allows users to search their files with ease. The overall experience of the app is quite amazing and we never experienced any lag or bug with our quick review.


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