Top 5 Gadgets that are important in your day to day life

smartphones tablets ipads

The invention of a Mobile replaced lots of daily gadgets we use. Clocks, Radio, Calendar, Alarms, Torch lights, Timers and Landline phones too. The mobile phone did not retain its top position even for a decade. Smartphones came into picture replacing mobile phones, camera, recorder and with the internet connection reduced the need of Computers and Laptops. There are cool gadgets on the market and makes human life easier by many means.

The price tag is what everyone worried about buying gadgets. Now the market has numerous collections from different brands. The Top 5 Gadgets on the market are Smartphones, Tablets and iPads, Laptops, Cameras and SmartTV and Watch mobiles.

Smartphones, Tablets and iPads

smartphones tablets ipads

This handy Cool Stuff engages every person in the home with the features it possesses. Clocks to music system come in a smartPhone. A home with a single wifi connection can manage all the stuff. The Tablets and iPads are the best buddies to children. It lets adults stay in touch with their loved ones through social media. Even Banking is made easy through this gadgets. The online shopping brings the shop to home. GPS in the Smartphones replaces the maps and helps to show the way. They hold applications which are useful in daily lives.  News across the globes reaches to sight within seconds.


lenovo yoga 900s laptop

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Laptops are the modern replacements for the computer. The Laptops are more attractive to people because of mobility. Laptops can be carried along to different places. The Laptops are even made weightless. The Laptops exist in a various range of price based on the specifications. Various online stores are available which gives dealings on the occasions. The High specification laptop is available with EMI options. The Credit cards allow EMI without interests in case of buying a laptop. So it is not hard to own a Laptop which is an essential gadget to students and Office people.

Still Cameras and Handycams

digital camera

The Social media allows to share our life events and travel moments to the friends. This fact drives everyone to own a still Camera or a Handycam. The ladies are fond of posting selfie pictures. They often look into notifications to check the number of likes received. The people who have kids in the home are fond of making videos about the activities of their little ones. There are Smart cameras which directly connects to the social networks and let you share what you click.

Smart TV

smart tv

It is smart when a gadget performs more than its purpose. The TV with the regular programs helps to stay connected with friends. It let you snap between programs and youtube. Allows a video call through the Skype can be termed as Smart TV for sure.  These are the next version of the TV that people started replacing with their old ones.

SmartWatch Mobile

watch mobile

The SmartWatch mobile was a hit last year. People started buying it as crazy as they bought Smartphones. The rates are starting from Rs.2000. Tie around the hand. The watch dial shows a clock when it slide open shows a keypad. It comes along with earphone and mike which help you maintain privacy.

These gadgets play a big hit in the market. They are affordable to all set of people with proper planning. 


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