Top 10 most fascinating Mass Effect Characters


The Gaming era has witnessed new gameplay when Mass effect was initially released back in 2007. It is the game with new concept and visuals, which changed the posibilities guidelines in the field.

Millions of gamers just love mass effects and how it is knitted along with the plot on which it has been released in series. Now that we are about to experience the ME3 very soon and most of us have white washed our gears to play the best of it, let us re-list the characters which actually facinates us.

Mass Effect 3 was released March 6, 2012 in North America, and will be released on March 8, 2012 in Australia and Switzerland, and March 9, 2012 in Europe.

Here are the list of top 10 Mass Effect Characters, which fascinates us (click on image to enlarge):


1. The Illusive Man: 1

The Illusive Man claims that everything he does is for the benefit of humanity. However, his rocky past consisting of kidnapping, torturing, and unethically experimenting on humans seems to refute his great intentions. Behind each of The Illusive Man’s operations, there is a bigger picture that nobody but him can see. He always has an ace up his sleeve, which inevitably leads to another conspiracy. The Illusive Man is one of the more perplexing characters in the Mass Effect universe and we can’t wait to find out more about him in the final chapter of the trilogy.


22. Thane Krios:

Thane is a deeply religious Drell and this strongly contrasts with his career choice as a professional hitman. Thane has tried to convince himself that living life as an assassin is not a sin, because he believes the body and the soul are two separate entities. However, the Drell species’ ability to relive memories in perfect detail constantly reminds Thane of his acts of violence causing him to sort through much hardship. Thane also contradicts himself when he learns his son is following in his footsteps. Thane is completely against this, hinting that the Drell father is ashamed of his work as well. Thane is a wonderfully interesting character, earning him the No. 2 spot on our list.


33. Grunt:

Grunt is a particularly interesting character, because of all the ethical dilemmas surrounding his creation. Grunt essentially shares the same creation story as Miranda, since both characters were born as genetically engineered elite members of the species. Grunt is different though, as he was created to be a natural warrior and constantly has the driving force to kill something. Grunt struggles with calming this drive to kill, because he knows it is wrong and he knows it is unnatural. At the same time, Grunt also deals with identity issues.


44. Commander Shepard:

Nothing is more exciting than making a decision, while assuming the role of Commander Shepard. Sure, shooting your way through a space station is awesome, and nothing takes away from using biotics to lift and throw your enemies. But when it comes down to it, making a story-altering decision with unknown consequences is the reason why we love being Commander Shepard. Would Shepard kill the Rachni Queen? Would Shepard save the Collector base? Would Shepard save the Council? That depends on who the player behind the Shepard is, and that is what makes the Commander such a great character.


55. Shadow Broker:

Seated at the top of the biggest organized crime racket, the Shadow Broker is a natural and unbiased capitalist, selling information to the highest bidder. The Shadow Broker doesn’t care who his buyer is, nor does he care about what he is selling them or what the consequences might be for doing so. During the “Lair of the Shadow Broker” DLC, the Shadow Broker’s identity is revealed. The Shadow Broker was a member of the Yahg race, a species deemed too dangerous and power-hungry by the Citadel Council. Once an agent for the previous Shadow Broker, this Yahg killed him and resumed the role for another six decades.


66. Jack: Jack has the most depressing back-story of anybody in the Mass Effect universe. Kidnapped by Cerberus at age 4, the human terrorist organization experimented on her daily. Jack was locked in a cell and made to believe that the only world outside of her cell was what she could see from a small window. Unbeknownst to Jack, this window was actually a one-way mirror used to observe her. Commander Shepard recruited Jack, although any true emotional connection seems to be impossible. There has been too much deceit and pain in her life to trust somebody ever again.


77. Captain Kirrahe:

Captain Kirrahe had, without a doubt, the single best speech in the original Mass Effect script. For some reason, the writers of Mass Effect decided to ignore the main cast of characters and give this amazing monologue to a character the player had only just briefly met. Regardless, what a great first impression. Kirrahe’s speech to a less-than-confident squad on Virmire is enough to raise the hair on your arms. “Our influence stopped the Rachni, but before that we held the line! Our influence stopped the Krogan, but before that we held the line! Our influence will stop Saren. In battle today, we will hold the line!”


88. Mordin:

Mordin is a great character because of his interesting set of morals alongside a unique way of communicating. Salarians only have an average lifespan of 40 years, so everything they say is fast and everything they say has a purpose. The Salarians are also very interested in technology and the advancement of their species, which explains why Mordin’s philosophy is logic and statistics and less about emotions and feelings. “ Mordin and his fellow Salarian scientists decided to create the Genophage, because they felt the Krogan Rebellions put the galaxy in jeopardy. They decided in order to preserve the natural balance of things, the Krogans must be eliminated, which lead to the Genophage.


99. Wrex:

Wrex, an infamous Krogan Battlemaster, leaves a trail of destruction where ever he goes. Wrex is a beloved character because no matter the person, he’ll always find a flaw that justifies killing them. In this way, he is as blackly humorous as he is interesting. His first solution to every problem seems to be focused around violence and given everybody else’s diplomatic attitudes in the first Mass Effect, this was sorely needed. It was also great to see him calm down in Mass Effect 2 and begin preparations to save his species. A focus on breeding is emphasized in his community in order to combat the Genophage and restore the Krogan population. That is, if you didn’t shoot him.


1010. Captain David Anderson: The David Palmer of the Mass Effect universe, Captain David Anderson is the voice of reason in the face of dire circumstances. Not afraid to state his opinion, Anderson argues for the continued investigation of the Reapers, while always presenting his case for the equal treatment of humanity. Captain Anderson is respected by everybody and his commitment to saving human lives surpasses his own need to survive. It is these admirable traits that earned Captain Anderson a spot on our list.




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