Is it really necessary to play ME1 and ME2 before playing Mass Effect 3?


Mass effect 3 is out now and it will be available in most of the countries till 11th March 2012, if it is not already available (however most of the gamers can get access to it online *you know where it is*).

It is the 3rd game in the series and is most popularily famous among the pro gamers. Most of us are playing the game after being slaughtered in ME1 & 2. We actually loved the gameplay and the new possibilities it introduced us in the virtual environment.

We personally believe that you can’t enjoy the 3rd part of the series without completing the first two. However, we are aware that not everyone can afford the time it takes to play two games and complete the levels without suppressing your urge to try ME3 for much longer.

Most of the pro Gamers takes only a day or two at maximum to complete the Mass effect series. Many of them are already reviewing the games and how you can complete the levels on their blogs or forum.

After spending well over 8 hours with the game, We can say that there is certainly a far greater balance between complex RPG mechanics and simple third-person action and adventure, of which perhaps hasn’t been implemented to such an extent in the series before.

Initially the experience is very welcoming, but don’t let that fool you: Mass Effect 3 can still be a very demanding and intimidating experience. We sincerely do hope that doesn’t turn away certain people, because it’s a game that definitely deserves the attention of every gamer, if not for its story, than for its way of engaging the player with the galactic warfare that’s currently plaguing mankind and its allies.

From that perspective, We think the game does a fantastic job of screaming out to newcomers, “Hey, come on in!”, while making dedicated fans like myself think, “OK, can I just return to the Normandy now? I know how to shoot and take cover.”

The introduction of the game is quite pleasing and will make you stuck with your chair while playing the game and you won’t be able to get up without making it up to the bed.

It doesn’t really touch on Commander Shepard’s history with Cerebus, or who exactly The Illusive Man is and why he’s important, but the game’s imagery and pacing certainly provide enough time to fill in the pieces, especially considering the at-times over-informative dialogue between characters that refers to past occurrences.

If you just play me3 by itself, it’s just like oh yeah same old bad guys invade good guys save the world. But the first two games like a massive buildup to 3, and actually made us fear the reapers. We are still wondering how the hell shepards gonna beat them. Also, it’s through the first two games that you really develop bonds with characters, e.g. How much garrus has your back, or what lengths liara would go to help you.

What do you think? Should a newbie directly play Mass Effect 3 to enjoy the game at the fullest?


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