Tell your parents, playing games sharpens your brain’s abilities!


Another recent study in the field of the human brain has been conducted and guess what do we have to learn from that? Well, this one was bound to go in the favour of us kids and not the sticky parents. Scientists say that they are sure playing video games improves a person’s brain and his cognitive abilities.

Isn’t that something worth looking out for? But there is also a single glitch in the whole system. The games can’t be anything normal that we play, they must be specifically designed for this purpose. Now you can always tell your parents an incomplete truth, believe us it’s better than a lie.

The team conducting researches is present at the University of California and led by a Dr. Adam Gazzaley. They believe that this could be used to develop brains that could solve major issues with neurological disorders like ADHD, dementia etc. What makes them say this is due to the fact that all of these diseases have the same effects including loss of cognitive control and concentration problems. They are unable to take simple decisions or multitask. For them, the research is actually at a very beginning stages but it has a whole lot of potential buried underneath that.

For a sample research the team designed a game called neuron racer, in which the player has to drive a car on a track and also he has to press a button whenever he sees a particular sign on the road. The thing is that the player has to concentrate only on one type of signs and also completely ignore all the others. Also, the research team added that the game is made to get harder as the player gets better at playing it.

There were many test subjects who were all given a one-month training and then they were all allowed to play the games. All of the participants were of the age group 60-65 but at the end of the program they were all performing like a 20-year-old who is playing the game for the first time in his life. Now, what do we learn from here? We should always keep on shooting. If you are gunshot then your mind is also packing heat.

When the EEg scans of the old player’s brains were taken it was observed that the brain waves are undergoing manipulation when they were playing. Some low-frequency waves called theta bursts in prefrontal cortex when under boost, making the brain function just like a 20-year-old.

What’s good to know is that the scientists know how much important this discovery is and they know that no games like this could ever become a hit, but certainly it will save many lives. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here and learn to let go.!!!


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