Open source software Libre Office finally in for commercial support from Collabora productivity

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libre office was started in september 2010 and since then it has got many supporters wordwide, along with the famous linux SUSE. But even though in these tough times people are moving over from one company to the other they are still covering up fpr the great piece of spoftware called libre office.

libreoffice-4 1

The people over at the collabora productivity are quite happy with the overall performance of the
office suite and the increasing popularity has made the situations even better for them. So the
company is providing it a financial support so that there could be more developements in this
ongoing project.

Collabora’s representative said the following words –

“That will include an enterprise-enabled, long-term supported Collabora LibreOffice release, along
with bug fixing and security updates, For those clients requiring customization and fine-tuning,
Collabora will offer consultancy services.”

Now ain’t that something really good going on for the open source company, open source really does
makes wonders possible. Some might add the current boost claimed by the upcoming Ubuntu Edge might be the reason why the software is gaining much more popularity than Microsoft’s office itself. Till
now one needs to buy license to run MS Office on their computer whereas Libre office or Open office
are free of cost, with small bundle size and the special ability to save files as a pdf, for which
you surely need to pay in all other cases.


Collabora also added that they are quite interested in meeting up with those who have already
invested in the company and together they will be powerful enough to support all the company’s
needs. Other companies who might be seen investing in Libre office could be AMD (Advanced Micro
Devices) and even though everyone has something to gain from this, some might be seen getting more profit than others. Well thats what open source is, if you don’t get something its nice, and if you
start getting something back, then its all well and good.

Lets hear to what Collabora has to say about its gain in all of this –

“We’re aiming for steady, organic growth both of ourselves and the wider LibreOffice ecosystem.
Collabora Productivity is here for the long term, and we have plenty of runway to build a
sustainable business that delights customers.”


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