Protect your personal images on Facebook with McAfee social protection plugin


You might start getting some blurred images in your notifications or news feed at the end of the August this year — it is not something to do with the Facebook, but the new privacy plugin by McAfee which is going to be release at the end of the August.

The plugin seems very promising and can solve all your privacy issues. The plugin “social protection” by McAfee is one step solution to keep your personal photos locked for unwanted intruders by letting you control who can see your photos on the site and prevents people from downloading those pictures to view elsewhere. 

When you upload your photos using the app, your photos will appear blurry and indistinguishable to people you don’t know.

What’s more, no one –not even your friends and family who you’ve granted access to your photos– can save, print, download or screen capture them.

Social Protection also prevents you from capturing a screenshot of the image, displaying a padlock icon over the picture if someone makes an attempt.

In addition to keeping your photos safe, the plug-in will also help keep your identity safe. Facial recognition software will alert you in anyone in your network uploads a photo to Facebook that looks like it might be you and doesn’t tag you in it.

If you’re doing something you’d like to keep hidden from the world in the photo, you can ask your friend to take it down quickly before you’re tagged.

The plug-in will first be available for Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome on PCs at the end of August, with support coming for Macs soon after and for iOS and Android by the end of the year.

[via Mashable]


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