NetLimiter lets you Limit internet speed of all the applications on your system

NetLimiter Main Window

Have you ever faced a situation when you are streaming/downloading your favorite TV Episode or Movie from the internet at the maximum speed provided by your ISP, but you cannot enjoy your Facebook Streams, tweeter buzz or other website’s because your internet connection’s max ISP speed limit won’t let you or, you just found out that your limited internet bandwidth provided by your ISP has been exhausted by one of your application? Not anymore!

NetLimiter Main WindowYou can now simply limit the internet Download and upload speed/traffic of any application on your system with the help of a simple tool. NetLimiter is the ultimate bandwidth shaper, which can control your internet traffic and monitor the real-time bandwidth usage.

The interface is simple and effective, where you can monitor the internet usage by all the applications installed on your system. It helps you find out the software, which is responsible for hogging the bandwidth and leaving you with the exhausted data on your account.

Limiting the speed of FirefoxYou can limit the maximum upload and download speed, which can be used by the particular software or process on your computer and hence, makes it easier to manage the distribution of the bandwidth of your monthly data cap.

The “NetLimiter” can be a real relief for the limited data users, who wants to control the usage of internet bandwidth according to their preference. It can allow them to restrict the internet access only to the handful of apps.

The effective Bandwidth shaper, network monitor, connection blocker and filters, traffic charts and informative statistics can be used to control the every bit of internet bandwidth which can be used on your computer.



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