If you are a Food Junkie, Then Get a K-Glass!

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Been too long since updated you guys. Latest news in technological developments shows us that the computing can’t only be used for studies. Another wearable computer that will sure take the lead. Foodies can now check out a restaurant’s menu only by looking at the signboard with this glass.

k-glass1 1Imagine that. K-glass is the new stuff on the market. THe head mounted Display (HMD) has been developed by scientists in korea. Consider this example: – You are walking by a restaurant and if by chance you are wearing your k-glass then you just need to look at the signboard and you will see the day’s menu on the screen in 3D form popping up. But if thats now enough then you can also see the number of Tables available.

k-glass2To build this a completely new type of processor has been employed which is now quite used. It runs on an In-built Augmented Reality(AR) processor. Unlike the virtual reality processors, it actually incorporates the digital data generated by the computer into the real-time environment of a user.

In simple terms the computer in the glass takes up raw data sound, video, graphics or GPS data along with everything else digital like wifi etc, and manipulates that to turn the user’s real world interactive and live. Imagine the Iron man’s 3d computer used by Tony stark. Only in this case only you will be able to see the actual layout.

When all this is just to be done for you then one can assume that it will sure as hell need to be efficient and if that condition is true then it must be Energy Efficient with great battery life.

In the words of Professor Hoi-Jun Yoo –

” Our processor can work for long hours without sacrificing K-Glass’s high performance, an ideal mobile gadget or wearable computer, which users can wear for almost the whole day.
HMDs will become the next mobile device, eventually taking over smartphones. Their markets have been growing fast, and it’s really a matter of time before mobile users will eventually embrace an optical see-through HMD as part of their daily use. Through augmented reality, we will have richer, deeper, and more powerful reality in all aspects of our life from education, business, and entertainment to art and culture.”

Check out this tech also on Youtube through this video :-




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