[New App] Most popular windows malware detection tool Malwarebytes now available for android


One of the most popular dedicated anti-malware suite for windows now debuts for android smartphones to protect your most precious gadget that you keep along with you whereever you go. It’s about time that android environment has a dedicated malware detection tool that can protect your smartphone against any intrusion.

However, according to Google only 1 of the 100th app is actually capable of carrying malware to your android gadget by envading buit-in defenses in both android and Google Play store.

In addition to updating the protection database automatically, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile proactively scans third-party applications and files for malware and spyware, and comes equipped with a number of features that identify and close potential security vulnerabilities.

Additional security features found in Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile include:

  • Privacy Manager, which collects and categorizes what personal information is being accessed from third-party apps and breaks down access privileges in detail, so you can track what apps are using unauthorized personal data or costing you money by employing premium services without your knowledge.
  • Security Audit, which flags security vulnerabilities, like GPS tracking and unsecured WiFi, and suggests steps to close them.
  • Application Manager, which identifies what applications are currently running or installed and their CPU usage so you can terminate non-essential operations to conserve battery life and system resources, and to identify unauthorized applications.

 [Download Malwarebytes from Google Play]


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