Autotram Extra Grand – World’s Longest Bus!

Longest Bus

I’m sure the above image must have amazed you. Undoubtedly, the Autotram Extra Grand is another spectacular display of brilliance! German Engineers have built this bus in an effort to reduce the number of private vehicles on roads which would help curb traffic jams to a great extent.

The most common problem with the modern world is the growing population. So, the basic motive is to find the most efficient means of mass transportation that would replace hundreds of thousands of extra vehicles off the roads. As a consequence of which, we’ve the longest bus of the world now that extends up to 101 feets!

Longest Bus


The Autotram Extra Grand runs on a fuel-efficient hybrid engine. When the engine battery is fully charged, it can take the bus up to 8kms. You must be wondering what sort of skill may be required to drive this engine, then I may tell you that there’s no per-requisite of having a driving license, pass a particular test or anything like that. The bus has an inbuilt steering mechanism which allows it to manoeuvre just like any normal 12meter long bus. It can also steer back and forth with great ease.

The steering mechanism runs on a complex algorithm devised by a team German engineers. The complete projects cost some 10 million dollars.

Now, the point that rises up is that how the Autotram would affect the city traffic. Well, the engineers are optimistic about it. They strongly believe that the grand bus would considerably reduce the number of private vehicles on the road. The engine is eco-friendly and controls the release of harmful gasses in the environment.

Big Bus-798x350

The Grand Bus has been debuted in Dresden, Germany. The bus moved around the city and transferred some 258 passengers successfully. So far, the feedback received from them have been gun. The bendy bus combines the ability of a train’s length and a bus’ maneuverability. It’s an awesome example of transportation plus system engineering!

Beijing and Shanghai city administrations have already ordered the bus. German teams are repeatedly conducting pilot tests to ensure full satisfaction. Final touch-ups are underway! Soon, we would be seeing these gigantic vehicles running smoothly on our city roads!


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