Install FireChat if you want to chat with people around without any internet!

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Nowadays chatting with people is a common scenario but it all requires one thing without which nothing can be done. Its the Internet. But now a new app has been launched in the market which allows people to chat with others around in a particular range even when there is no internet connection.

Firechat is the name of the new app, which sounds quite fabulous. The creators of this app are known as ‘Open Garden’ and using the company;s mesh networking technology this app was made successful.

The app can be easily used wherever there are people around and then a user has the power to chat with them without any internet connection. The capability of this app shows us how limitless are the applications of peer to peer networking. The best places where this app can be used are Beach, subways, At a big game, trade show, camping in the wild or even a concert etc.

firechat imagesFirst the app was launched only for iPhones but now it has now been made available for Android devices also since it became really popular after it was launched two weeks ago. The app actually broke many records since it is now among the top 10 social networking apps and has already spread across 80 countries.

In the words of Open Garden’s CEO, ” I am proud to say that we are now able to deliver a best-in-class peer-to-peer chat experience to anyone with an Android device. And thanks to its multi-hop capabilities, FireChat may extend the range of peer-to-peer communications significantly.”

One can also consider the importance of this app since it doesn’t require any internet, it can be very helpful during the conditions of emergency, disasters or any other common place where you don’t know if you are going to get a reliable connection.

FireChat has many other features that makes it better than other messaging apps. The app also works as easily with internet as it does without it. One can talk to everybody at a time or only the people present nearby using the different modes. The app is really user friendly since it does not require any email logins, no passwords etc and all of that without any significant amount of Battery loss.

If you are wondering where the hell did this company suddenly pop up on the tech radar, then its important that we inform you that this was the company who won the Grand prize at the GMIC Startup competition in October 2013. Within this small time only, there are about 4 million users of apps made by this company around the world.



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