Hexlock: A free All-in-One App locker for Android by liquidum

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It seems that the prevalence of technology has held on to the entire world of mankind. Undoubtedly it is creditable for the globalisation where the majority of people count on modern technology. For instance, the mobile phone has become the necessity of not an only amateur to renowned businessman but also the habitual need of all the people who use mobile gadgets to store valuable assets like bank info, private messages, videos, photos etc. Indeed, the  misuse of our private information can  afflict our career and personal life  following this, we ought to adopt safety majors to inflict unwanted  trouble and certainly  there are lots of app lockers available on the play store  as well as lock option  given by the android. While sometimes we may have to hand over our device to someone by unlocking it thereby we must pick and choose the  an : appropriate app to secure our sensitive catalogue. Here I’m referring to HEXLOCK a free app locker which has unique features that dramatically protects your privacy by setting a pin. Pattern or fingerprint.

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Of course, Hexlock is a 100% free app locker that secures app with a password to prevent unauthorised access. Users can create up to six unique profiles to cover every situation each with a different colour and logo. These at Work, Home, Cafe, Party, Parental, and School and activate them automatically when connected to a known Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can customise your profile name as suitable to you as well as their colour combination and icon and you may set different apps to be locked under that profile. It also comprises a new feature called Media Vault that lets users protect their photos and videos in a locked private file.

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Obviously, it may be annoying to keep a password on your phone every time when you unlock it. However, Hexlock manages to ease this problem by setting up fascinating features of locking individual app. In fact, we all have different scenarios in our life where we want certain apps to be accessible or not accessible for instance when you have to give your phone to kids or young relatives you won’t have to worry about important folders being deleted or buying games without your knowledge and cherry on top the app cannot be uninstalled by other if someone steals your phone. Fairly, it falls in with the protection of social network, for example, you can lend your device to anyone without being worried that they will check your facebook, WhatsApp etc.

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Admittedly, another remarkable speciality of this app locker includes Self-active hallmark which automatically activates when connected to the selected network. Besides, the profile automatically deactivates when using a different browser or while switching off to wifi network from mobile data and vice versa. On the other hand, the persistent notification to unlock not only every app but also while reading something for a longer time may really be irritating to some people.

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Overall, Hexlock stands out impressive due to its peculiar features of individual app locking system which are certainly applicable for all android users to keep up their privacy. Indeed, it is a surplus of beautiful design, customizable profiles with the possibility of locking app by pin, pattern or fingerprint.


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