Do you know your gadgets might be interfering with your sleep?


Approximately 100 million Americans suffer from having a difficult time before falling to sleep or sleeping soundly, not considering how tired they might be, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

While poor sleep  is one of the reasons of less efficiency at work, the harm doesn’t stop there! The less shut eye makes its presence felt in other arena of your life too. While you have less energy next day, less hours of sleep are also becoming potential factors for obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression and many more diseases. According to one of the professors working on such kind of research, having less than seven hours of sleep is not good for health.  Getting less sleep than the recommended hours might cause a plethora of problems from the weight gain, heart related diseases to even the deadening sickness of cancer.   

As you might know, all kinds of phone, eBook readers and tablet screens give off blue light of short wavelength. This light gets in the way of melatonin production which is a hormone related with our sleep quality. Due to the use of gadgets before sleeping time, many are not able to get sleep peacefully at night. Hence make sure that you put your gadgets away, preferably in other room before at least an hour prior to your sleeping time. If you are keeping your gadgets in the same room you sleep, it’s always advisable to switch them off to avoid the exposure to blue light released from the gadget. According to a study published in 2011, scientists at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia and NASA, found that blue light induces alertness and interrupts with sleep. [9 Odd Ways Your Tech Devices May Injure You]

However parting with your gadgets before your sleep time is easier said than done. At times, workaholic people find it tough to say ‘bye’ to their laptops or smart phones. After a hectic day at work, So many people use few hours at night to read, chat with their friends or family or to simply pay bills. Some even prefer to reply emails once the kids are tucked in! Putting away the devices hardly work for them. Experts also suggest trying out blue-wavelength-blocker glasses. These glasses help in improving the sleep quality.

But researchers have also come up with a solution to make sure nothing comes up between you and good sleep. Today most of the devices like phones, tablets and e-book readers like kindle come with a backlit display which helps you read in the dark. A study recommends that by simply lessening the brightness of such smart phone screen or tablet settings and holding the device few inches away from the face while reading can stop the glow from prying with a good quality sleep.


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