Sponsorships and Direct Ads

For advertising opportunities or for upcoming sponsorship opportunities, please contact our Advertising Department. Sponsored articles and other opportunities are available. You can take part in Real time advertisement options and offers.

Site Advertising Opportunities

DigitFreak offers a variety of advertising zones that may be purchased by CPM, the week or a month buyout. Our pricing is competitive and our Media and Advertising Kit offers a full profile on DigitFreak including key demographics and analytics. To receive your copy, contact us.

Most Trafficked Countries
Country Visit
US 43%
UK 11%


Available Ad Slots
Location Size
Right Side Bar Home & Post Page 300X250
Right Side Bar Post Page 300X250
Post Middle 250X250
Right Side Bar Post Page 250X250
Custom Ad Slot 970X90
Custom Ad Slot 250X100


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