Top 5 budget iPhone concept designs you shouldn’t miss

digitfreak 201300000405 iphone 5c

There is no official word if the leading gadget company is even looking out for the cheaper iPhone. We don’t even know if such phone exists on the paper and has been discussed between the Company executives to approve the production. However, there are tons of rumors and a report published by Chinese Labor watch that suggests we are heading in the right direction.

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Internet never kills the buzz for anything that is important for the tech enthusiasts and curious technofreaks. To tinker your taste buds we have collected the top 5 concept designs of upcoming budget iPhone by Apple.

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1. iPhone 5C packaging by Martin uit utrecht

digitfreak 201300000405 iphone 5c


2. iPhone concept by Martin Hajek

digitfreak 201300000406 martin hajek


3. iPhone Lite by T3

digitfreak 201300000404 iphone lite


4. Cheap iPhone concept via 9to5mac

digitfreak 201300000407


5.  iPhone Mini concept by ciccaresedesigndigitfreak 201300000408digitfreak 201300000410


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