Solara – drone can fly non-stop for 5 years without being refueled

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What if a drone never has to be refuel, that could fly non-stop all over the world and fulfill all the work that a regular expensive satellites can achieve right now. You would say either it is impossible, or way too impractical to be used in real world, Right? — But, you would wrong!

z 00215Titan aerospace has invented a drone that powers itself from solar energy and can fly non-stop for at least 5 years. The Solara 50, named for its 50-meter wingspan, will fly at 65,000 feet—above most other aircraft and above weather that could disturb its flight and block the sun, its source of power. Titan will market it as an “atmospheric satellite.”

The team designed an electric motor that allows the drone to fly upto 60 mph. The 350 pound drone has a strong, light airframe with a structure made of mostly carbon fiber that provides the drone with required lifespan. There are thousands of solar cells that covers the 50 meter upper wing, elevator, and horizontal stabilizer – which can generate more than seven kilowatts of power during the day. There are Lithium-ion batteries inside the wings that stores the power to keep all systems going at night.

Don’t believe us? Watch the video below:



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