Meet the successor of Cadenza, Turing Monolith Chaconne will have 3x Snapdragon 830 CPU, 18GB Ram, 60MP Camera and 1.2 TB storage


Just when we thought Turing Phone Cadenza has specs so insane that it is going to be hard to sink in, the company announced yet another phone to ridicule us. One thing is sure, we didn’t even put a thought that we could have a smartphone with these specifications in the near future. Promising something so bizarre is often tied with the disruption of the industry if it comes out to be true. If Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) succeed with the production of these smartphones at an affordable retail price, they sure will be responsible for “bringing the Turing Phone from the future to the present.”

The company believes that their Artificial Intelligence would benefit from the buffed up hardware resources that these phones have to provide as they assert it to be more intelligent and deeply linked to your device. The Turing Monolith Chaconne is projected to be released sometime in 2018 with unbelievable specifications. Last week Turing phone Cadenza was announced with the expected release time of 2017. It is weird that the company has already planned everything, including outlines of design and specs for next 2 years.


This imaginative next-generation phone is not only the successor to the yet to launch Cadenza, it is even more far-fetched. Steve Chao, CEO of TRI sent another newsletter, announcing the sneak peek into the features and specifications of their yet another beast. This time, he spared us with some insight information about the setup of dual CPU and how it will actually work.

“TRI plans on connecting multiple CPUs via WiGig by implementing an ad-hoc driver to the 60GHz channel via on-board USB3.0. This complicated computing process stores a transient matrix in SSD of CPU(1), then it recomputes and shares the transient matrix with the other SSD of CPU(2) simultaneously. This results in the CPUs sharing their computing power in parallel. Such proprietary technology enables TRI to achieve never-seen-before computing power on a mobile device. So what exactly is this technology intended for? The answer is – Computational Intelligence (CI).”


To wow the internet, the Turing Monolith Chaconne will have three (yes 3x) Qualcomm Snapdragon 830 Chipsets. The company has kept the same optics with a 60 MP and a 20 MP combination, made the display larger at 6.4 inches on a 4K 3840 x 2160 px resolution, and the RAM and Storage both get a memory boost. 18 GB of RAM and up to 1.2 TB of onboard using a mix of 2 NAND flash chips and 2 memory card slots.

Turing monolith chaconne picture

The hydrogen fuel cell-equipped battery gets a boost of 20Wh to 120Wh. Specs carried over from the Cadenza include Swordfish OS, the graphene oxide composite construction, the 60MP quad rear-facing camera, the 20MP dual front-facing camera, and quad nanoSIM capability. Food for thought: the 4K display is the least impressive spec on this sheet.

Additionally, the company announced that there will be some unique and mysterious feature on the phone which has been given an acronym of A.L.A.N. that will be revealed later on. There will be a sliding keyboard which looks rather spectacular in those concept images. However, the thing that concerns me since the first newsletter announcement is the thickness of the smartphone and the ability to keep the temperature down while operating the phone equipped with these specifications. What do you guys think?


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