Lumio illuminates the book into a multipurpose foldable lamp

digitfreak 00110 lumio lamp

Have you ever wondered if a book could be equally useful in a manner other than providing knowledge and wisdom? Maybe this is the reason it is said that we should never judge a book by its cover.

Lumio, a multipurpose foldable lamp which is disguised as a hardcover book. The whole concept turns your experience into a new direction and your nights into a illuminating one.

The wooden surface of the book has built-in magnets to attach to the most of the metal surfaces to make things easier and to at least slow down anyone who wants to snatch your book away. The Lumio comes with the detachable cables, which means you can carry it around anywhere you want once it is charged.

digitfreak 00110 lumio lampLumio creator Max Gunawan says London’s Rolling Bridge, an urban sculpture that unfolds into a bridge, inspired his design.

“At its core, Lumio represents this very same idea but in a much smaller scale: a beautiful object that unexpectedly transforms into a functional device.”

The lightweight lamp is inch thick and lasts up to eight hours on a full charge. You might wonder why there is no switch provided for the on/off functionality of the gadget, but you will quickly understand the omission, as it automatically turns itself on and off upon opening and closing of the book.

The biggest challenge during the design development was translating the concept into a functional device that is simple in design and works intuitively. Simplifying and subtracting unnecessary details tends to be harder than adding more features.

The pages are made up of recyclable, water resistant material and use high-output LED lights. The Lamp is available for preorders on Kickstarter for $95 and the project has raised nearly four times its initial $60,000 goal.


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