[How To] use iOS 7 weather app on your iPhone right now


We haven’t heard any fixed official release date from Apple about their next Operating system to control their flagship devices. While, we are eager to see what hidden features the iOS 7 has to offer beside its hideous app icons and not too adaptive UI; some developers are already trying to port the apps and UI to the current OS.

Apple has introduced some very customizable and exclusive features in iOS7 at WWDC13 this year, and We are really excited about it. But, if you really want to get hold of some of the features of upcoming iOS, you can possibly do that right now.

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Jony Ive may not have got the icons and the glossy effects right, but the weather app is right on and if you don’t want to bother upgrading to iOS 7, which is still not out of the Beta stages, just for the weather app, then we have the perfect solution for you in the form of a new app!

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So, How to Get the iOS 7 weather app now? Luckily you don’t have to do any dirty work, like – hacking into the system to modify some files or create an app yourself. — You just need to download an app from iTunes and you are done.

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Developed by Robert Paul Neagru, “Aero” is a new app that is currently topping App Store charts mainly due to its elegantly designed UI which also closely resembles the UI on the new Weather app in iOS 7. Following the new iOS 7 edge-to-edge guidelines set by Apple, the developer of Aero has managed to make a very intuitive UI that is unmatched by any other weather apps on iOS.

Untill, we get our hands on the new iOS 7, this weather app is the best bet for you.


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