Beats selling cheap plastic headphones at premium rate might not be true


Beats is a name that has achieved great credibility among the music lovers, the company also provides some of the top notch headphones which has been loved by its fans and widely accepted. That is what makes it so special, and popular. 

Recently, the company was criticised for selling cheap plastic headphones at high price, which otherwise would have costed only $17 to manufacture — and definitely not worth the $200 that we spend on it. 

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The engineer who tore down the headphone, claimed that Apple Beats by Dr. Dre is simply a rip off. He performed a complete tear down of the said headphone and concluded that the company is using cheap materials in manufacturing process, which includes adding metal components inside the body to increase weight.

However, it is now being speculated whether the headphone that Avery Louie ripped apart might just be a Knockoff. He didn’t mention the model of the headphone that was dismantled, and core77 believes that it was a discontinued version of Beats Solo HD headphones.

According to the article posted on Core77, there are several reasons that points out the claimed teardown was based on the fake beats product.

A reddit user also posted a detailed comparison of a fake beats headphones and a real one. 

Furthermore, the Redditor also explained why Beats headphones use those metal components.

“Those metal parts aren’t just to add weight; they serve a functional, structural purpose as both the headband extensions and the hinge,” vantt1 said.

The ripoff nowadays have packaging and overall design, which are very smilar to the read product. It often succeed to fool even a trained engineer into believing he or she is dealing with the real thing.

One thing that would have indicated that the product that Louie ripped off is a fake one is absense of additional speakers. The product that was dismantled has 4 drivers, while the teardown only had 2.

This particular detail seems to be a strong indicator that the pair of Beats headphones used to demonstrate how the company is selling $17 headphones at $200, is completly false.

However, if the price set by the company for a pair of headphone is justified is still unclear. Beats fans will always jump in favor of their daily companion of ‘beats,’ while others would still question the quality vs money they are paying for this product. 

We would like to point out to the LifeHacker’s post about beats headphones again, which pointed out that it might simply be a garbage

Don’t forget to watch the videos, explaining the difference between real and fake beats headphones.

Image: Flickr, aqeelkolla95


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