ATOM v1.0: Stable Version of This Revolutionary Modularized Editor is Out

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Today world is ruled by open source application and which is why this ATOM editor by Github which was available in the beta feature for about a year now has gained a lot popularity. Since the beta version got released it has been downloaded as many as 1.3 million times and as many as 350, 000 users are currently using this application on regular basic.

The catastrophic success that this editor has experienced can be judged by the fact that even developers at Facebook have used this editor to create their own editor named as Nuclide which is capable of coding numerous codes across the platform. The need for a brand new editor came while coders at Facebook were creating their application for iPhone. Their old editor Xcode which was used for purpose stitched the code so huge that even the whole operating system of Microsoft Windows was smaller then it. This was when they decided to get themselves equipped with a brand new editor which was built using ATOM.

atom mark1200x630

There have also been many different plugins that have been created by this application. The best part about the ATOM is that it is an editor that can create a editor which can in turn create another editor and so on and so forth. This is exactly what Facebook did, they just put their editor into the open market and those outside the company bettered it and gave it back.

There are many different kinds of editors available in the market, So what makes ATOM so special? Well to answer this question it is important to put a light on the working of editors. Most of the editors that are available in the market are build up using C which enables them to gain good speed and so, all these editors can also be customised using one or the other coding languages. But with all these editors the coder does not have the permission to access the core engine of it. ATOM is completely different in this manner. It is completely coded in Javascript which permits the coder to use it to build whatever kind of editor they require. Chris Wanstrath while describing this editor tells that” its one thing hacking your own editor but with ATOM you can use plug-in that others have created.”

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The current version of ATOM 1.0 is stable cross platform and gives the coder completely controls of what they want to achieve. The new update boosts up a lot of packages that can be downloaded to make the experience of coding a lot better. The auto competition update is very useful and makes the job a lot simpler. Along with these the makers have also added some more impressive features such as multi-folder projects and pan resizing to the newly launched version.


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