This Futuristic Aperture wrench looks so cool

aperture on table

Someone who Works with nuts and bolts would understand how painful it might get sometimes when you have to fiddle into the box of tools to find the right range of wrench to (un)screw them. Also, carrying the large box of tools is not always an option when you have to deal with different sizes of them. If you’re the one who is looking for something that can replace your tool box, Aperture Wrench might be the one.

The concept is visually awesome, and design-wise the whole thing looks futuristic. The designer behind this concept says that they were inspired by the iris mechanism of camera lens, and we give them credit for bringing something so unique and beautiful. There’s also a light surrounding the aperture, so you can see what you’re trying to unscrew, which is useful when you’re working in a low light condition. The only drawback we can point out atm is the ability of this wrench to work in tightly packed or closed areas. 

Sadly, it is only a concept at the moment, with no scheduled timeline of it getting into manufacturing phase. We will sure come back with more information if they have to share about it later.

aperture on tableiris wrench


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