5 amazing robots we met in 2012 [video]


We witnessed some amazing tech development this year which really got our attention. If you missed some top 5 robotic innovation this year, we are here for you. We got them all listed here.


1. Honda ASIMO

Honda ASIMO is one of the best modern bot, which is capable of performing some difficult tasks with its cute little hands and bent knees. She looks like and astronaut!



This robot can literally dance on the songs. The robot can tune in PSYs Ganganam style for hours without getting tired.



Boston Dynamics’ PETMAN Robot struts. (We’re doomed). PETMAN is owned by Boston Dynamics. Just watch him do push-ups like a robot Rocky.


4. David

Okay, this one isn’t real (yet). But Michael Fassbender stole the show as David, the charming but sinister android from Prometheus. No word yet on his feelings toward K-pop.


5. Furby

We know two things about Furbies: 1) They are pure evil; and 2) They like dancing to K-Pop. So really, how bad can they be? Bad enough that they don’t belong in a home with a child (or anyone, really).


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