Top 5 Motivational Life lessons from beautiful minds like Arnold Schwarzenegger

arnold motivating life lessons
Pressure analysis. Learn the life lessons from these motivating stories

Here starts our journey together to the wider plains of life. I hope that it will show you how you are not here on earth just to live our lives, but to fulfill a purpose. This enriches the value of the truly valuable soul carried inside your body. Read further and try to learn the motivating life lessons from the extraordinary lives of these numerous beautiful minds who have roamed these pastures just like you and me.

What is the purpose of your life? Where do you see yourself? Help and love yourself mate!

“How are you?” – Tone of this question determines your motivation levels

The most asked and a generic sort of question which doesn’t always cover the diversity, and thus we end up adding lots of other supplementary questions along with it, ultimately adding a disturbance/noise to the communication channel between the involved parties.

Where am i going with this?

You must be wondering why is the author telling me of this. Answer my question first and you will know.

“Why do you need to ask others first, their ‘how-abouts’?”

A more important question would be to ask oneself “How am I?” and you are already good to go. I’ll try to be as objective as possible, in this attempt to make you realize what you might have been missing in your lives. Its “nothing”, Nothing is missing, we just need to know how to find it, irrespective of the troubles involved.Life does keep moving on, but it also is quite cruel in case of second chances. One should always be vigilant in order to make full use of this opportunity. The trouble in the path of success lies, in this skill to realize your defining moment, for which you have been waiting you whole life.

Human evolution has led the brain to the point where it continuously keeps on learning from past experiences, and this is the basis of the upcoming latest Artificial Intelligence, Neural networks and Deep/machine learning models. It’s time we start to learn more about ourselves. #self-Actualization

It all sounds like bullsh#t, and I understand the angle, but realization of the fact that it is bullshit, takes you one step closer to the “edge”. Now you know that just words, don’t matter at all. If you wanna succeed, get out of your comfort zone and do what you have never ever tried to.

No runaways.

Let’s take the examples of these real life Amazing personalities, who saw and endured everything in their own lives, and yet could not sit down for a minute. All it required was for them to be devoted to their goal, and the perseverance to never quit until you achieve it.

We should also understand that the below are just examples, who have become famous. There are multitudes more from where these come. Most of them never even told. Try to feel what they would have felt, and you will find that there are just so many levels to pain and struggles that one can never truly classify the hard work, and endurance of one person to the other.

Buckle up!

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold, famously known for the role in “Terminator”, is one of the latest symbols of success for the latest generation, considering his work resume, and the introduction you can find about him anywhere. Honestly, if you don’t know who this guy is, you shouldn’t be here. Know more about Arnold here.

He has had his shares of troubles, and yet he is where he should be. Now he might have become a guide for those who need motivation, but imagine how deep the roots go, its only because he knew how important it is to, guide people and show them that they are not even half as bad as they think.


He started body building with the ambition to become the greatest body builder in the world. That’s all fine, but trust me, do you think it was easy? When your body and mind knows that the place (gym) will make your body hurt for the days to come, and still you keep going there every day with the same passion and will.

Arnold did it all, from the famous “Calf exercise”, “weight lifting” and his serving time in the “Austrian Army”, acting in great movies, modelling, and recently “governor” of CA. The old “Work when the world sleeps” strategy can be seen in action throughout his life. The early death of his brother, and the death of his father sometime later, and the struggles, just weren’t big enough to stop him.

Key points

  • Nazi parents (literally), born in Austria.
  • Abused by father (this is something one never forgets)
  • Death of his brother, never spoke about him afterwards (shock!)
  • Death of his father, never spoke about him too afterwards (Pain and Loss)
  • Started weight training at 15, inspired by movies. (seems too dreamy to even think of, at the age of 15)
  • 90 min walk to the gym. 5 hours daily workout. Used to break open gym sometimes, when it was locked on weekends. (That Interested in his stuff? Are we even nearby?)
  • Used self-shame technique, when he saw his lower body was not developing as fast as the upper body. (Would you do it? Go out in tights so that people can call you fat, making you feel so bad that you automatically start working on it.)
  • Served in Austrian Army. (must have been brutal, for mental development).
  • Two times Governor, Mr. Universe, Mr. Olympia and so much more. (Role model of Gym Enthusiasts).

In his words

“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful”.

2. Keanu reeves

Keanu Reeves, or “NEO” from “THE MATRIX”. Well for the most part he could easily be the most handsome man alive, and I don’t have a care in this world if people call me “Gay” for calling him that. On surface he looks as calm as a sea, and the life he has led is completely different. Let’s take a dive and find out for ourselves.

For the most part, he is a very successful actor, but his life is one of the best examples one can grab, stimulating feelings and emotions which could only lead to the betterment of our lives. Some of us might have already guessed from the way all his roles in his movies turn out to be, that there is something weird about this guy. Well lets find out then.


For those of us, who are already updated, It might sound very old, but he is one of those actors who has been donating almost 90% of his earnings in charity, how does one become like that? If this would have been incorrect, we already know that there are so many counterparts of us waiting already to boom out anyone if they are somewhere nearby the death of even a mosquito.

Life changes very quickly and he seems to be one of those gifted enough to realize what it is meant for. Whatever happens, we know for sure that people might forget the blockbusters but will never forget a good soul.

No more required.

Imagine being in his shoes, with that much on your plate, could you possibly take life as easy and beautifully with a purpose, as this guy can. Seems pretty damn impossible to me. Considering the general consensus, most of us would try to buy shit and fill the void in our lives, with money, girls and stuff which would just keep us busy all of the time.

Key points

  • Father leaves family when he was 3 (Quite a shock! Maybe you could be too small to realize, but no more learning ground)
  • Continuously changed schools at very young age (possibly made him more flexible with people and places)
  • Dyslexic (The teacher)
  • Death of a very close friend (Drug overdose, something as sensitive as that)
  • Birth of a stillborn child (The shock)
  • Death of his wife (Devastation? For us maybe, surely not for him)
  • One of the most amazing personalities on and off screen. (Imagine his level of experience, and the way he could look at the different faces of this godforsaken world)

3. Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester ‘sly’ Stallone, as is his full name and more famous by the name of “Rocky”. Hell yeah! That’s how one should be remember in history. Now why do you think he is there? The answer is quite simple, he kept moving on without worrying about the outcome. I know this seems a lot theoretical than it should be, because in the current world, everything we do is defined by the type of outcome it can produce.


Rocky was the starting of his career, and the true passion. It was the “point”, the edge where he had to reach, and rest was done by the hand of god himself. His body building career itself could be an example, where he could easily be compared to his counterpart working simultaneously in the same industry “Arnold”. Both are really good friends, and the trio gets completed only when you include “Bruce Willis” into the gang.

His life was not easy, and the story is quite moving. Without too much hassle, why not simply learn and realize where he stood straight, and where we could have gone down on our knees. Simplest of those terms would be the fact that he was one of those who did not have any background, and he literally drilled his way into the Hollywood industry out of sheer will and determination.

Key points

  • Born with paralyzed lower left side of the face (trouble begins, and so does one’s experience)
  • Violent neighborhood (Just like cherry on a cake)
  • Broke living conditions, homeless to the extent that he had to sell his dogs
  • Worked in softcore porn just once, to get through a day (Adding further to his experience)
  • Lived on the streets for days to come
  • Struggled to get his script for “Rocky” signed with himself as lead, and finally got it
  • Did not give up even under such adverse conditions, I mean what else could have gone wrong, except if he would have died, or maybe become a thug.
  • Earned more than 100 million just through his first movie, and his salary was a mere 35000. (It’s always not like you wish it would have been. Learn to make the best out of any situation. Easy to say. Harder than hard to actually do.)


What we need to learn from here, is that we need to have faith and believe in ourselves, and who knows we might find the one thing that would completely change our lives. From Sylvester, the “Sly” Stallone, I can easily thank “Muhammad Ali” for inspiring him to write the script for “Rocky”.

In his own words

“It ain’t about how hard you hit, It’s about how hard you can get it and keep moving on. That’s how winning it’s done”

4. J. K. Rowling

Must have read or seen Harry potter. Didn’t? You need some serious help (link). Any clues whatsoever are so very encouraged. J K Rowling is one of the greatest woman success story which should always be kept in mind. The type of skill and strength which requires to stand through things, and when finally given the option to act, selecting something which does not seem like a coincidence at all. It was all bound to happen for her, and the true example of “Hold-on” strategy is just her.

She might be too famous for being over generous and kind hearted. It’s all good, but the fact which slips from the naked eye is where was all of that? Was it there before or were we not looking in the right direction.


Dream something and then wake up, realize it was a dream, but to be able to create something in this real world, which will shape the characters of the upcoming numerous generations, through the characters of her imaginary magic world. It’s just amazing, how her fans have started to live in the world created by her visionary dream.

Did she have a life before that? Of course she did, but how is that she changed it all, not by some magic, but by her dedicated attitude towards life, which showed her the right way to go, when in peril. Now it was the time for the “sheep” to be the “wolf” of her world.

Wonder how long it takes for a person to become into the ONE, who he is supposed to be. Well guess since we are all made up of carbon, it would take a lot of time and pressure to turn one into the Diamond, we all desire to have. Let’s visit her pressure cooker for a moment.

Key points

  • Got inspired about a character “harry” and weaved a whole world through a train journey. (How common is that? But did you ever try to write down even a single word?)
  • Death of her mother. (pressure type 1)
  • Divorce and loss of love life (pressure type 2)
  • Responsibilities of being a single mother (pressure type 3)
  • Worked on the book when she could find time, between jobs (Utilization to the extremes)
  • Faced innumerous rejections and worked for 5 long, hard years (She knew it was going to be difficult. Didn’t stop trying.)
  • Reworked it every time, and used “Objectification” against all the characters and elements present in the whole story in full detail, to make it perfect and immersive. (List down your good and bad qualities on two sides of a page. This is a perfect example)
  • First ever author to reach Billion-dollar level. Donates almost 1/5th of her total earnings for good causes.

5. Eminem

Eminem aka Slim Shady aka Marshall Mathers, the only Rap God as we know it cannot be left out of the same discussion, when it comes to this. This guy might come off as a bad influence in first sight, and that is because his work is like scorching sun on your bare back in a hot desert, and at the same time you know its reality and you cannot do anything more about it.

His life has been a complete example of anything we have been trying to put on here. Be it will power, passion, determination, devotion, practice. Everything he has ever given out into the world in the form of his music (except a few obviously) including the movie “8 mile” has been a message given out to the whole world. One can do anything and there is no shame in failing or getting lost. What matters the most is whether you found your way back or not.


Achievements and his past life, are all these stuff which can be easily found from everywhere. Try to think for once, what happens when you get into a bus and everyone around you start staring at you, and some even stop whatever they were doing to take a look at you. Eminem was the white guy, getting into a similar bus, only full of black people who are likely to throw you off every time you try. Let’s try to visualize his bus ride for our own.

Key points

  • Father leaves young & addict mother with a small kid, Marshall or mickey.
  • Disturbed and bullied as a child.
  • Violent neighborhood. Comatose for 3 months due to a beating in locality.
  • Started Rapping, wrote his own lyrics. The only white Rapper in his time.
  • Studied dictionary to expand his vocabulary. (Practical Intelligence)
  • Quit high school education when he was in 9th standard after failing thrice.
  • Faced early rejections, race based bias barrier but turns out he used them for his own leverage. Channeled his anger into lyrics which shook the world.
  • Used to work in burger king, and perform Rap battles to practice and earn.
  • Failed in his first attempt to go big. Next one was way better and bigger.
  • Visited rehab on his own, when he found himself taking up to 30 vics in a day. Came back with “Relapse” New album, which changed the way industry looked at him. The music can easily be used to help other recovering addicts forever.
  • Won 3 consecutive grammy awards, Record holder in this matter. 11 grammy s in total, 9 people’s choice awards.
  • Oscar awarded for original work in “Lose yourself”. Which he apparently wrote all 3 paragraphs in one single go.

Now he owns “Shady Records” and guess who would you have to beat in “rap battle” to get in? #Lyrical #Wisdom


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