Secrets of Google search engine – what’s happens behind the scene


Here is the quick step-by-step note, how all this happens just behind you naked eyes within a fraction of seconds.

1) Entering Query in Google.
This stage is the starting point for an end user. Guy sitting in frony of his computer, typing out a search term (keywords or query) on through his web browser. This is where the fun begins, an Alice in Wonderland moment for our search query.

2) Query processing stage
As you start entering your search term, Google tries to complete your query based on closest matching search terms entered by Google users around the world. This is done by a query processor that tries to predict and serve results (Google Instant) off Foofle’s servers.

3) Index Servers
After pressing Enter, the query hits Google’s Index servers. index servers are thousands of server farms housed in datacenters located around the globe that record every single webpage on the internet through “spiders”

4) Using Page rank
Next up, using page rank technology, the top search results for your query are calculated by document servers.

5) Ad server
Google’s Ad server then tries to plug in contextual ads in the search result page.

6) Social
As Google prepares to display your search result page, it also checks with facebook and Twitter to see if people are talking socially about your search query. It plugs in these links if necessary.

7) Search Result
Viola! within milliseconds, the Document Server’s top 10 search results, Ad sever links, and social elements come together to form the Google search result page.


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