Nest Protect : Smart Smoke Alarm By Nest!

Nest Smoke Detector

Nest Labs, a home automation company headquartered in Palo Alto, California has recently come up with Nest Protect that aims to save homes from smoke and carbon monoxide but in a smart way.

Yes, with almost everything getting ‘smart’ these days, the team at Nest also decided to design a gadget that would work in conjunction with the smartphones replacing the regular beeping alarm with a voice alarm that can pinpoint the origin of smoke and carbon-monoxide.

Nest Smoke Detector

The gadget continuously provides the warning before going off. The circular light fixed in the middle of unit transits color to yellow if minimal smoke is produced like from stove or from the bag popcorn bag you just heated in microwave. However, in case of true emergency i.e. heavy smoke emissions, the light turns to red color and the alarm goes off!

The team at Nest has taken into consideration many facts like the airflow, smoke chamber along with a number of sensors: heat, motion, carbon-monoxide, photoelectric and light. Specific details about the gadget are not yet official but as per the reports; batteries, alarm and voice chip have been housed inside the gadget only.

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Nest Protect Safety has already won approval from California State Fire Marshals and Underwriters Laboratory. Plus, the British agencies too has signalled a green light for it. The latest update in this concept is the app ‘Nest Thermostat’ that controls Nest Protect and other gadgets.

Apparently, another big news that has reached our ears is that Google has bought Nest for $3.2 billions. Experts believe that if the rumours are true then, undoubtedly this acquistion would turn out to be much more fruitful to Google which is making remarkable advancements in all fields. Well, we too don’t the truth but one thing we can certainly say is that Google never falls short of ideas; ideas which are worth executing. It won’t be surprising if we see some more designs being put forward by Google!



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