Do you want new bulbs from from Philips whose hue will be controlled by smartphones?

app controls hue

Today’s market requires new technologies to be announced for their growth but no one expects some one to come up with something other than computers or mobiles. But this new update comes from Philips in the form of a new revolutionary bulb whose color or hue can be controlled by a particular android or iPhone or iPad. Well this also is connected to the same field of IT. An app allows a user to turn off or on the light from anywhere.

For the bulb to work first of all we need to have a starter kit (including a smart bridge and three bulbs) that starts at a price of $199. This kit contains a smart bridge that gets plugged inside the WiFi router in your home. Then the bulb is connected to any existing bulb holder which in turn is connected to the WiFi router. Thus the mobile is indirectly connected to the new bulb through the application. This LED bulb gives light of an intensity of 600 lumen.

app controls hueThis app also has many more extra features like matching the color of the bulb with a color from anywhere on the mobile screen including 16 million different hues.

What seems to be a probable future shows the use of this bulb everywhere. Since this app allows a person to control about 50 bulbs at a time and even allows to turn them on or off according to a timer. There have already been announcements regarding these types of new bulbs but none is released till now.

Philips is the first one to bring it down into the market for customers. This starter kit will be open for sale from 30th October at Apple stores for $199 and an additional bulb will cost about $59.

Now it completely depends on a person and the weight of his purse whether they will control the lights of his whole house or not. Maybe the government buys the whole lot for street lights.

Note: Make sure that you don’t lose your phone after that app or someone will be playing with your life and lights.


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