Best of Breaking Bad parodies – A Collection


Remember the great tv show named breaking bad. If you don’t then just get lost because you must have been on another planet. It must be one the most respected tv shows of all the time, but does that make it prone from parodies? No!

So the show is just going to end in about 6 episodes or more with a breathstopping finale and here we are discussing about the parodies. There are plenty of given reasons to laugh or make jokes upon in this show but you will have to play along with us and be observant. To start we will discuss the funniest scenarios and then we will take you to the best parodies you can find on the internet.

1. Taylor Swift + Breaking Bad Parody – ‘We Are Never Ever Gonna Cook Together’

Imagine this, walt and jesse having troubles in their relationship (a cooking one) and so the words come out like we are never ever gonna cook toegther. How does that sound? Boring but you might not find the same after watching this video. let me warn you before hand that this video actually makes fun of taylor swift and breaking bad at the same time. This is supposed to be hillarious! and don’t blame us if you find the song too catchy.


2. Breaking Bad as a Sitcom

What you never imagine while watching the show is, what if the show had laugh tracks in between like in big bang theory or two and a half men??, well you are in for a surprise because this parody video makes the whole difference. How a very serious scene can be made funny is shown in this parody along with the cheesy music that frames the intro of the show, instead of the serious regular soundtrack. You must watch it.


3. “Home Game” (Breaking Bad Parody)

What is someone made a game called Breaking bad, you know the family type games that the whole family plays together. You are only as eager as we are here, so lets watch the video to know how much fun that game could be. There is no direct pun unless you have to think about all the facts and points and then compare them with the real show.


4. LEGO Breaking Bad The Video Game parody

Parodies are not only the ones that are made on the tv show, it could be anything. we found something which could not be actually called a parody, since it makes no fun. Imagine the scenario where you are a player who controls the character of Walter and you are left to play the game Breaking bad. How would you like it? This video is a parody of the show in the form of lego game and guess what its awesome! We vote for the game to be released, because it is so awesome. Our best moment was when walter hits things with his head to get points..haha


5. Breakbad mountain

The parody starts just like the real tv show and for sometime you will feel just like this is a trailer, but soon you will start noticing small changes and dialogues like “If it feels right, it feels right” and many scenes look like they have lots of pun intended in them. You just need the right set of eyes to know what we are trying to relay.basically this parody is concentrated on the bromance between walter and jesse. In short, a must watch.


Now these were the few most hillarious and awesome ones that we have linked you to, but there are many more out there like breaking bad msuical parody, and even a porn parody. Amazing! right? This means that this show has become so famous that almsot everyone is trying to give something to it.

Hope you like this collection and if you want to share something which clearly means anything from curse words to appreciations for us then please comment below. we hope from the true depth of our hearts that the show ends successfully!


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