Party-time for scientists, successfully developed a miniature human brain!

What is it that you have heard latest in science? well whatever it was well this one is gonna rock your world. Scientists have been successful in growing a miniature brain in lab! The structure although was pea sized but still its brain and made from brain tissue, ain't that something?

Studies show that the developed brain is unfortunately incapable of thinking but its size is similar to the brain of a nine-week-old foetus. The world of neuroscientists and intellectuals have announced that this is a real astounding discovery that hold the capacity to actually change the world as we know it.

Now the last sentence must have taken you to the sci-fi world but it's not always fiction. This discovery has a main goal to reach, cure neurological disorders and brain diseases by regrowth of brain cells. This great finding was done at the Institute of Molecular biotechnology of the Austrian
Academy of Sciences. For the development of the tissues they used something called Brain-Bath, made of embryonic cells of adult cells . They claim that the miniature brain cells have the capacity to develop into neuroectoderm. There was an inbuilt nutrient bath for the cells and they were given support using some tiny droplets of gel.

It was great for them to find out later that the developed tissues were actually dividing into various regions of the brain. Now the scientists are aiming higher, something like a fully developed brain with the power of memory. Although the current sample was only 4 mm big but it still survived an year without growing or shrinking. The fully developed structure might be different but currently this version has no internal blood and nutrients supply, thus making it only good for studies and research.

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What is mind boggling everyone is, To what end will the scientists exploit this reasearch. There could be many types of outcomes from the further research and surely we do not want to end up making a completely autonomous artificial In the current times the research has the
ability to scope out the view of those who are actually working in this field, as a real brain is better than a lab rat. But still its the first time anyone has come this close to making a real brain!

Experts all over the world are discussing whether this raises any ethical issues or not, and everyone is saying the same words. Currently the research has only one application, to find out what happens to brains during brain disorders. And as we always say that Humans are very curious life forms, so whatever comes out of it, we will not stop digging until the Judgement day comes.

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