New life form found in Lake Vostok, Antarctica!

Science is developing every moment of our lives as we go and its too fast to look back. But something has happened which does not look anything less than a sci-fi movie. Russian scientists believe that they have found something hidden deep inside the Antarctica ice for almost millions of years, only to be discovered now. More importantly, it's believed that the organism belongs to some species of which we have no knowledge.

lake vostok 1

Russia has been drilling that ice since the a very long time and only last year they were able to pierce through that layer of ice that has been there since the last 14 million years. They collected samples of that untouched water body and they called it, Lake Vostok. What seems to be the pandora's box here is that lake which is supposed to have information about the planet long before ice age and maybe even lead to extra-terrestrial life sources.

Sergei Bulat (St. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute) said -
"After excluding all known contaminants, bacterial DNA was found that does not match any known species in world databases. If it (the bacteria) had been found on Mars, then without a doubt we would have said there is life on Mars - but this is DNA from Earth. We are calling this life form unidentified or unclassified."

Since this discovery has been made private by the Russian scientists, other countries are literally on their heels for more information about this newfound species. Scientists all over the world are very much interested in knowing what more that brings in this world. Similar to the ongoing stuff, another separate expedition from the united states research team made it clear that they have living sample of organisms in a water sample, originated from a similar source Lake Whillians. Another parallel effort being made by the British side is in the process of the finding a third one named Lake Ellsworth.

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Maybe you might think that how can it help scientists declare anything related to extra terrestrial life.
Then think of the possiblility of surviving that kind of cold then maybe that kind of genetic bank can
also survive the adverse condition of other planets.

Lake vostok diagram 1

Although a lot has been found out, the scientists still believe that the water sample that they examined should be clean and further more samples are needed for confirmation of the findings. Another requirement is that the new sample should not be from the water body that has been polluted with the drilling machine fluids.

Bulat said "When we tried to identify the DNA, it did not coincide with any of known species. It's degree of similarity was less than 86 percent, That is practically zero when working with DNA. A level of 90 percent tells us the organism is unknown. If we again identify the same group of organism in that pure sample of water, then we can confidently say we have found new life on Earth"

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