Bloodhound: designed to become world's fastest supersonic car

This new super car is meant to be the world's fastest car and so its named the Bloodhound. Its just so fast that the creators of this new vehicle needed to redesign the wheels specially made for that kind of speed. This car is a pencil shaped racer and the first one to reach the speed of 1000 miles/hour, which is apparently faster than the speed of a speeding bullet.

This car being special also needs special tires to run onto, and this requirement is met till the end by 200-pound circles of aerospace aluminium with the ability to absorb 50,00 times the force of gravity.

It was driven by Andy Green, who flied fighter jets as a wing commander in the Royal air force in his spare time said " We will have pushed back the boundaries of human endeavor."

If you wanna know what's inside the hood the you should probably strap yourself in. The engine is a combination of rocket, race car engine and fighter jet afterburner, designed by a 28-year-old self-trained rocketeer. This engine generates six times more power than all the cars in an Indy car race combined.

bloodhound specsThere have been many cars earlier which used to house some of the parts of the bloodhound, but they were never ever combined once and that's what makes unique. Nobody knew what would happen after firing up that engine, the results were just extraordinary.

"It's a proper mashup of technologies. Formula One technology, military and defense technology, rocket technology which is unique -- and putting all that together is a big challenge, Tomorrow will be a step into the unknown for all of us. We could end up with a big empty space where the rocket and engine used to be" said Pio Szyjanowicz of Cosworth, the company that created the Bloodhound's control system and Formula One engine and makes engines for U.S. Navy drones. He means that its very risky to perform such experiments.

This technology has been refined constantly since the last 30 years, and what comes out is a 40-foot long titanium and carbon-fiber car. The first one only had a jet engine which took the speed limit to 300 miles/hour in just 15 seconds. Even then it was faster than the U.S. Air force's F-18 Hornet and calls for appreciation. But that's just the start as the driver now starts filling the rocket with high test peroxide fuel (about 1 ton in 20 seconds) and that much of the fuel is pumped into the bloodhound's formula one engine technology.

This pumping mechanism is found in an intercontinental ballistic missile! What the driver does next is like pushing nitrous button, its just that this one's far more powerful. The rocket fills with the fuel and hits full power.

bloodhound ignition exhaustNow it goes from 350 to 100 miles/hour in mere 25 seconds. At that speed it only takes him 3.5 seconds to cover a mile after which he shuts down the rocket engine , hits brakes and then deploys parachutes designed specially for decelerating him from that speed to zero in like 40 seconds. After calculation we can say that he will cover 12 miles in just 2 minutes that way.

"You don't feel speed. You feel the acceleration, how quickly you get there," Green said. "Kind of like a fairly aggressive roller coaster ride."

What green says is like an fairly aggressive roller coaster is three times the force of gravity and any normal man would have blown out of his head! What makes green so normal about this extraordinary speed ride is that he has been flying jets for 20 years and he was the first person to break the sound barrier by car in 1997!

Apparently it was he who set the current land speed record of 763 miles an hour sec. To be honest he has been practicing few weekends for this drive and he says that he wants to be safe while this experiment. Well it looks like he has broken his own record now!

"This is an optimal way to produce something very safe and very controllable," he said.

The thing that made it special for him was that its not every day that a person gets to sit below a jet engine better than 747 and twice as hot as a volcano's inside. The engine produces so much force that it could suck the air out of an average sized house in just 3 seconds.

bloodhound supersonic carThey look forward to inspiring young people to become more innovative engineers and the thus the makers have done their work publicly, posting their every work openly on websites. The technologies used show a perfect mixture of every innovation that you can think of. More than 5000 schools in the united kingdom and south Africa, where it is being said that completed version of this car will be seen racing others in 2014!

"We are looking to inspire young people about the possibilities of science and technology, Green said. "These are the kids who will build and live in the low carbon world of tomorrow...and we aren't training enough in the West. We just aren't getting enough people into science and engineering.

"So sharing the excitement and magic of our car -- live, to a global Internet audience, starting tomorrow -- is an extraordinary opportunity."

Thus its up to you now, how you take inspiration from this masterpiece! Share your view with us below.

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