It seems like the Chinese government is a lot unhappy with the unabated dominance of foreign mobile and desktop operating systems in the country. May be that is why the government is backing a Chinese Operating System (COS) that aims to take over Google, Microsoft and Apple in the region.

COS is being developed by a Shanghai-based firm popularly known as Liantong Network Communication Technology in partnership with the Institute of Software at the Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS). And the interesting fact is that it's HTC who is providing the hardware for COS platform as per the reports till date.

An insight about the OS-->
COS is a Linux based OS and is reported to have been developed entirely independently as Chinese government wants it to be a strong alternative to what foreign companies offer (Android, Windows, Macintosh and iOS).

At the launch ceremony of COS, ISCAS head critized Windows and Android for its weak security and iOS for being a bound environment (closed system). He even pointed out Android's fragmentation problem.


COS has an interface that is a lot similar to Google's Android and Apple's iOS. It supports a variety of devices including touch-screen phones and offers a smooth platform to a wide range of apps. The OS is also compatible for tablets and TV set-top boxes. COS is said to have taken care of all the safety measures like it allows only one app store i.e. the official one so as to ensure that all the apps have been tested and are non-pirated unlike Android which is open to almost every app.

So far, COS has been speculated to be a modified Android system. The software has been demoed on HTC One and Butterfly S smartphones.

Apparently, reports say that Apple is soon going to launch its 2013 iPhones with China Mobile. No doubt, COS would have to face a tough competition even in the Chinese market which is still dominated by Android OS.

note 3 basicKitkat, the latest version of Google's mobile operating system is now being more and more available to the public through the upcoming smartphones. But hardly ever is the case that this support is extended to the lower version older smartphones. Samsung's Galaxy Note 3 is the latest in this list to get the support.

For now the only thing thats bad with this case is that the update is only available for guys currently freezing their asses in Poland and that only through Samsung Kies Software. Specifically speaking, only the model SM-N9005 running on unlocked Snapdragon is suitable currently for this update. Note 3 currently runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 for US and Exynos processor in the international market. The build that has been out in the market seems to be more compatible to the US version means that the build is very near to the final phase.  

note 3 with kitkat supportJust like all the other ones all that everybody cares about are the changes in the working and looks. In that case there have been very minor changes in the overall performance but in the field of display and UI, the status icons previously green and white have been changed to white which might be pleasant for the majority of the users.

Recent stats update from Google has shown that now the share of users visiting Google's Playstore has increased a lot and now stands at just 1.4 percent. This might not seem quite a lot but if you consider the fact that its been a very short time since the latest version has been made available then the importance comes into view. Also a very short range of devices have been launched and so its simple as that the percent was bound to be this low. However its really evident that the percent will spike up to somewhere near 5-8 percent within the next quarter. Who knows maybe an update for the other Galaxy phones are also under process #FingersCrossed.

Every week there are thousands of new applications introduced to the gigantic cross platform app stores through out the world. One can only get hold to a few of them at a time.

We have been publishing to handpicked applications merged from cross platforms since a very long time and it paid off with the time. Since, Windows has been potentially grown to develop a large community, we have decided to add it as well. We have also included few of the Windows 8.1 applications that you might consider useful at some times.

Lets have a look at the redefined list of applications, precisely handpicked for you (Our reader):

1. ImagineCam (Windows Phone)

z 00197Looks like we have yet another addition to the existing arsenal of Windows Phone photo apps. Imagine Cam's camera settings include white balance, ISO, shutter speed, exposure compensation, and scene modes. Its photo editor allows you to crop, resize, rotate, adjust brightness and contrast and more—-all the features you'd want in a basic editor. And of course, it also comes with a slew of filters and effects, though the app doesn't allow you to edit their individual settings.


2. Awesome Note (iPhone)

z 00199Awesome Note (+Todo/Calendar) is among the best multi-purpose task management apps in the App Store. It gives serious list makers and task masters utilitarian tools to help them keep track of ideas and chores, and graphical customizations at nearly every turn. With customizable alerts, repeat settings, a handy calendar, and the ability to sync with Google Drive and Evernote, Awesome Note is hands-down the to-do app worth buying.


3. Malwarebytes (Android)

z 00162The world's most popular anti-malware technology has now gone mobile! Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Mobile protects your phone or tablet from malware, infected apps, and unauthorized surveillance.

See Also: [New App] Most popular windows malware detection tool Malwarebytes now available for android

4. Lock Pic (Windows 8)

z 00200You can use the application to change the background image of your Windows 8 lock screen. The app displays wallpapers from the popular wallpaper repository WallpaperFusion.

You can either select one of the available images right away on the apps' start screen, or use the search built-into the app to find themed wallpaper images.


5. 3D Mark (Windows 8)

z 00202You can benchmark your system using the 3DMark application for Windows 8. The application provides you with three different options on the Start screen that you can use to benchmark the performance of the device it is running on.


6. SnapSpeed (iPhone)

z 00201Snapseed is our Editors' Choice among iPhone camera apps for its non-destructive editing capabilities, powerful photo correction, localized adjustments, and many image-enhancing effects. Snapseed also works very well when it comes time to share photos, integrating with all the major social networks, and it sports a clear and innovative interface.


7. Microsoft Remote Desktop (Android)

z 00203Something more serious here: a remote-desktop app from Microsoft for logging in to your Windows computer from an Android device. It's getting generally positive reviews so far, with room to improve in updates over the coming months.


8. Facebook (Windows 8)

z 00204The official Facebook application has landed on the system, and it is without doubt one of the better implementations for the social networking site.

The application looks similar to the Facebook website but introduces several smaller changes. First, you will notice that menus and icons are a tad larger in the app, which is highly beneficial for touch-screen users.


9. Circa (iPhone)

z 00205Circa is a relatively young app, but its treatment of news stories and streamlined interface makes it an incredibly exciting prospect. Instead of simply regurgitating articles from the Web, Circa uses a team of in-house editors to create new, bite-sized stories with only the essential facts, quotes or photos.


10. Password Genie (Android)

Password Genie is one of the best Android password manager that can store all of your passwords, logins, credit card numbers, insurance info, pin numbers, garage codes, Rx numbers, and so much more. You can also store a photo of your card if you want.


11. Office Suite Pro 7 (Android Tab)z 00207

This is my favorite office suite for Android, as it works with most popular cloud storage services. The word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, and PDF apps integrated in the suite are very good.

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