You cannot reset binary counter on Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best phablet you can have today, which is bundled with some amazing features and software integration. Samsung does handle the android OS very well to implement the software modifications and tweaks that makes it a unique smartphone that everyone loves.

Samsung Galaxy Note III has seen some controversial adverts - first the design, and then the controversial region locking. Recently we got to know that Samsung Galaxy Note 3 could have bundled with finger print sensor.

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It seems another set back has been discovered for the android power users, which might hold them back before purchasing this phablet beauty. The new note 3 device has a KNOX security system, that empowers the device with the new ROM (read-only-memory) that protects device's binary counter.

Normally, every time an Android device is flashed with another ROM, its flash counter is incremented to show many times it has undergone flashing. This gives service centers an indicator if the device has been tampered with. In the past, however, it has been possible to reset this counter to 0 which, along with flashing the original manufacturer ROM, would make it eligible again for warranty.

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While some developer might find a way to reset the counter on the Note 3, currently you just can't. Developer Chainfire, who developed the RegionLock remover for Galaxy Note 3 and TriangleAway tool for other devices to reset counter, said that the probability of success to find a way to reset the binary counter on Note 3 is quite low.

This unfortunately means that Galaxy Note 3 users will have to either stick with their warranty and stock ROM or jump into the custom ROMs and loose the prior benefits.

[Source: SamMobile]

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