New App by Microsoft launched into Playstore asks users to SWITCH!

Which side are you on Android, windows or iOS? Well if you are on Android and are planning a shift from the current smartphone platform to windows phone then you are in luck, because Microsoft just launched a new app in the Google Play store for that.

The name of the app is "Switch to Windows Phone" and even though Microsoft might have meant the app for mocking around with Android, the app has got some potential.

Switch to windows playstore
This app was published by none other than Microsoft Corporation, which means that its a completely open invitation to Android users. They are actually trying to use the Apple-Samsung war, by trying different methods. This app apparently collects a list of apps being used in your mobile and then prepares a list of Windows apps that are equivalent to them. After that it asks you for windows live ID and password to save that list on the cloud for future use  when you shift from Android to Windows.

Whatever the company says but when you look objectively you can see that Microsoft is just trying to play and manipulate the users. This application was launched in the same week as the launch of the new video encouraging Windows Phone and simultaneously spoofing Android and iPhone users. Due to the feeling of being made fun of, most of the android users who downloaded this app have rated it nearly 1 star.

Whatever steps windows makers take they look really desperate from my point of view, if they have to make fun of others to get users to buy their phones. The basic apps like Instagram and Google maps are still missing from windows store and how can they expect people to just switch. After all about 70 percent of the market is taken up by Android users, 21 by iPhone users and about 2% are windows users.

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