Windows 8 won't have onscreen start button [Lame & unnecessary -- Really?]

Over the past few days Microsoft has been revealing the new features and slash out functionalities it is going to have in their final release.

There has been rumours floating around that windows 8 won't have the start button at the bottom left corner of the screen. "Oh! then how you are going to search your programs now? OMG! you won't be able to run some handy applications easily. That's insane!" -- it is what your reaction will be, if you already don't know what windows is planning to do with their new OS. 

Well they are not actually completely removing the Functionality of start button, it's just you won't see that little round "orb" in it's usual place anymore (it won't be there anywhere on the screen). Microsoft is planning to remove the onscreen start button from the screen to utilize the taskbar and make some more room for other utilities.

There are some lame excuses from Microsoft (Windows) experts. But removing the onscreen UI to replace it with the physical button is something even lamer.

Here’s Paul Thurrott’s justification:

While it’s technically true that the Start button/Orb, which used to adorn the left end of the taskbar on the Windows desktop, is missing in action, most people are missing out on two salient points. First, the Windows desktop is not the primary user interface in Windows 8 anymore. That’s the Start screen.
Second, the Start button isn’t gone, and it’s not going away at all. In fact, it will be present on every single Windows 8 device sold going forward.

He goes on to post a picture of a physical Windows button on a tablet, and points out that a physical Windows Key is required for any PC or device to get the Certified for Windows 8 logo from Microsoft.

OK, i agree that it may help to make the desktop or windows environment cleaner and it might be even useful, but at the point when I haven't tried it, it seems that it is a lame decision. Is there method to Microsoft’s madness, or is the decision pure madness?

What do you think? Is it a good decision.?

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