Britney Spears accompanies 1 Million Google+ Followers

Britney Spears accompanies 1 Million Google+ Followers

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Britney spears acompannied 1 Million Google+ Followers, and she is the first person to have this honour and support from her fans.

More than a million Google+ users are keeping tabs on Britney Spears, who continues to be one of the most popular human beings on social networks.

She is currently the first and only person to crack seven figures.

In reaching the milestone, Spears beat Google CEO Larry Page and rapper / spiritual adviser (seriously, his Google Plus bio says that) Snoop Dogg.

Not even six months old, Google Plus is already making a name for itself, although we’re guessing Jason Alexander is not one of the 1,078,900 following her there.

Those followers pale in comparison to her 15.7 million Facebook fans and 11.9 million Twitter followers – two million of whom started following her since October.

Oh well, give it time, Google Plus. We have faith.

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  • i am the one of 1 Million followers. i thought i will keep it a secret but i think i should disclose it :)
    just added her in my circle at the time i joined google+ never thought that it would reach that viral fans level.
    i don't like her songs much, but i like the updates. ;)


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