Have a look at super cool images of Facebook's data center in Luleå, Sweden [Images]

Facebook deployed a new data center in Luleå, Sweden, which is a very first in Europe. Located at the edge of Arctic Circle, the new data center is receiving live traffic from all over the world.

The data center contains a hub of facebook designed server and is intended to speed up the Facebook's experience in European countries. It is spread in 90,000 square foot and powered by hydroelectricity.

Facebook has taken care of environment in various aspects. The new data center save energy and uses clean source of energy to power up the entire facility.

Joel Kjellgren

Luleå data center manager - Joel Kjellgren

"As our systems come online for the first time, we are proud to say that this is likely to be one of the most efficient and sustainable data centers in the world," Facebook wrote in its announcement, stating that the data center is now handling live traffic from users around the world. "All the equipment inside is powered by locally generated hydro-electric energy. Not only is it 100 percent renewable, but the supply is also so reliable that we have been able to reduce the number of backup generators required at the site by more than 70 percent. In addition to harnessing the power of water, we are using the chilly Nordic air to cool the thousands of servers that store your photos, videos, comments, and Likes. Any excess heat that is produced is used to keep our office warm."

These huge servers eventually gets heated after running for a long time and to maintain a steady optimal temprature they need to be cooled down. Deploying the data center in Sweden makes sure that servers are always cool and no external coolant is required, thus saves the enery to cool them down.

Niall McEntegrat

EMEA regional data centre manager - Niall McEntegart

“Our commitment to energy efficiency is also evident inside Luleå’s giant data halls. Nearly all the technology in the facility, from the servers to the power distribution systems, is based on Open Compute Project designs. This Facebook-founded initiative encourages the development of “vanity-free” hardware designs that are highly efficient and leave out unnecessary bits of metal and plastic. These designs are then shared with the broader community, so anyone can use or improve them.

All this adds-up to a pretty impressive power usage efficiency (PUE) number. In early tests, Facebook’s Luleå data centre is averaging a PUE in the region of 1.07. As with our other data centres, we will soon be adding a real-time PUE monitor so everyone can see how we are performing on a minute-by-minute basis.”

Facebook released images of Luleå, data center on the social networking website. You can have a look at the entire album here.

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[Source: Facebook, Facebook Lulea data center album]

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